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There's a place called Kokomo...

    "For years I have made my tv programmes within the dutch broadcast organization  BNNVARA. in 2017, I chose to turn things around and start my own company."


    Floortje started working for radio, but soon switched to the television because adventure was calling her. In 1995 she made her first travelshow: a programme about youngsters in the U.S.A. For almost twenty years she has been making travel shows, in every corner of the world. After working for RTL for ten years, she switched to Public Broadcasting in 2007. There she made ‘3 Op Reis’, and for the past five years ‘Floortje to the End of the World’, one of the highest rating programmes on Dutch TV.


    Floortje is the owner of three ‘sustainable’ clothing shops, a sustainable clothing brand and a publishing house. A lot of these activities are inspired by the knowledge she has gained as an ambassador of Max Havelaar, who are committed to ‘honest trade’.

    She is also an active ambassador for the Red Cross to gain attention for their projects all over the world for people in need. Since the summer of 2016, she is co-owner of the ‘green’ camping ‘Buitenland’, in a small village in Drenthe, The Netherlands.


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    "Having worked with Floortje in the past, it has always been a wish to renew that fantastic cooperation. To found our own production company together is a dream come true."


    Remco started in 2001 as producer at RTL Travel, where he met Floortje. Together they traveled around the world. He grew to be director and editor in chief of the programme. He later switched to production companies like De Beeldbrigade, Haagse Bluf, Endemol and TVBV, as director, editor in chief and format developer. The last few years Remco was (executive) producer at TVBV and Second Nature TV.


    Studied Business Administration at Nyenrode Business University and Theatre-, Film, and Television studies at Utrecht University.


    Email: remco@kokomomedia.nl

    Tel: +31648269275


In 'Floortje to the end of the world', Dutch TV host Floortje Dessing travels to the furthest corners of the globe to visit people who have chosen to live in a remote place. Driven by passion, a strong conviction, or simply because they followed their hearts.


Floortje follows them in their daily lives, to hear their stories and to experience hoe inspiring it can be to build a life at the end of the world.


The Kingdom of the Netherlands has around 140

embassies and consulates in the world. Headed by the king's representatives: the ambassadors. They usually operate discretely behind closed doors, because diplomacy thrives in seclusion.


Floortje Dessing is allowed a unique and exclusive insight of the world behind the embassy gates. She follows Dutch ambassadors in their work and daily life.